30 Days to a New You eBook

Change your life in just 30 days with this easy to follow meal plan


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Hi! I’m Christina and I wrote this eBook for ANYONE and EVERYONE who is ready to take that next step to getting their health back!

You might want to lose weight, discontinue medication or you may just be tired of being tired all the time.

Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that you want to feel better, have more energy, and be in good health!

This eBook can help you do just that!Get a peek at the inside of the 30 Days eBook to help you lose weight and feel great

Not everyone can afford a personal nutritionist so I wanted to make an easy-to-read guide that will help you learn how to eat smarter, lose weight and turn those yo-yo diets into a real lifestyle at a fraction of the cost!

Inside 30 Days you’ll find:

  • A portion control guide
  • Tips on how to dine out
  • How to read nutrition labels
  • Food prep strategies
  • Why sugar, GMOs and processed foods are bad for you
  • A 30-day meal plan
  • Recipes
  • Lifetime access to the 30 Day facebook group for ongoing support
  • And Much More!

This 30 day meal plan + recipes is just what I needed to eat better and lose weight


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30 Days to a new you eBook reviews

If you’ve invested in the 30 Days eBook, I’d love to hear how your journey is going and how this book has helped you.

Please leave a comment on amazon.com or on this page. Sharing your comments and thoughts with me and future readers who may want to make a change to their diet, but may not know how to get started or what to expect. All comments appreciated.



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This book helped me get my body back!