How to Throw a Lego Star Wars Birthday Party

With May 4th coming up, otherwise known as ‘MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU’ day, I thought this would be a great time to show you how I threw the Ultimate Lego Star Wars Party for my son (on a budget)!

This past year Maxx turned 5 and Star Wars was definitely top choice for party themes (mostly because of the hype for the new Star Wars movie that was about to be released and because we binge watched episodes 4, 5, 6 and 1, 2, 3 to prepare for Episode VII!)

I thought the basic party supplies were going to be a breeze, but when I went to my local store all they had were the NEW Star Wars characters. Great, but it’s kind of hard for kids to get into new characters that they’ve NEVER seen before! So much for simple party supplies.

It was time for some creativity!

Here’s what we did:


We wanted to keep the party primarily outside (less for Mom to clean) so we moved all the activities outside and kept only the drinks, food and presents indoors.


PRESENT TABLE: For a quick and easy place to hold presents, I cleared off our dining room table, hung a few balloons, crepe paper and used a chalkboard banner to jazz it up a bit.


CREATIVE FINGER FOODS: I wanted all the food to be fun for both the parents and the kids so I came up with some fun names for each dish and put them around the cake & cupcakes.

  • Stormtrooper Sandwiches - Ham and Cheese
  • Ewok Bites - Peanuts, M&Ms and raisins
  • Droid Dip & Chewy’s Chips - Tostitos dippers and red & green salsa
  • Jedi Force Fuel - Star Wars graham crackers
  • Imperial Platter - Green grapes, baby carrots, cheese cubes and summer sausage cubes

CHALKBOARD TENT SIGNS & DECOR: Just for show I used chalkboard tent cards for all the creative food names. I also covered the picture above the food with black paper and blew up a Star Wars picture into poster size and taped it to it for some DIY decor!

WATER BOTTLE LABELS & ADULT DRINKS: I always loved when people took the extra time to customize something as simple as water bottles so I decided to do the same. I removed a label off of a 16.9 ounce water and measured it and then created labels in Photoshop. If you’re not too comfortable working in Photoshop or you want an easier route try these wraparound labels from Avery. I labeled all the water as LUKE SKYWATER and had a cooler of beer and wine labeled JAR JAR DRINKS.

THE CAKE & CUPCAKES: Cupcakes are a no-brainer when it comes to 5-year old birthday party. No waiting for cutting cake - just pure enjoyment as soon as Happy Birthday has finished being sung!

I wanted to make sure these DEATH STAR CUPCAKES were extra special so I ordered a variety of Star Wars Rings to place on top of the cupcakes which sat upon a Star Wars Cupcake Stand.

I also wanted to have a small gluten-free VADER CAKE so I made that and topped it with a really cool Darth Vader cake topper that made the infamous breathing noises, as well as, Star Wars candles for Maxx to wish upon and blow out.


BUILD YOUR OWN LEGO SPACESHIP: Every Star Wars Lego party has to have some Legos in it so I purchased 24 cake boxes and a big box of variety Legos and created a station to build your own Lego spaceship! I just loved how the kids took turns making, sharing and showing off their creations.

BUBBLE WARS: I originally was going to make light sabers out of pool noodles, but they were too heavy for the little ones. After surfing around Amazon I found these awesome LED multi-color changing foam sticks and then wrapped the bottom in duct tape and black electrical tape so it looked like the real thing. Add in a bubble machine and the kids had a blast running around and popping all the bubbles.

BOUNCY HOUSE: We ALWAYS get a bouncy house for parties because, well, it’s a bouncy house! We found the best rates on Thumbtack.

SIDEWALK CHALK: When all else fails, children love to draw and sidewalk chalk definitely fits the bill. This 48-count box of chalk is perfect so there’s no waiting to draw.

BALLOONS: Balloons are a cheap and easy way to bring life to a party. We splurged and also got Maxx a few large Star Wars balloons that the kids loved taking pictures with.

PARTY FAVORS: The best part of this party is that there were so many favors handed out during the party. You’ve got the cupcake rings, the Lego spaceship boxes and the light sabers.


Every Star Wars party deserves a Star Wars present so we went all in and got Maxx the biggest and baddest Lego spaceship we could find!


The Star Wars Lego Birthday Party was a big hit with both kids and parents alike and an ultimate success! We opened up all the presents AFTER everyone left and then the adults took to the Bouncy House for a little party of our own!


The best part about this party was the big thank you kiss and hug I got from my little man at the end of the party. Being a mom is AWESOME!



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