Hi, I’m Christina! I am so happy you’re here and I can’t wait to share my journey with you!

I went through roller-coaster of a ride ride before I started my coaching life, and I can assure you things were not always like this.

Let’s rewind to my mid twenties… for 12 years doctors told me I would not get pregnant because of my endometriosis but at 35, I had a baby. A picture-perfect pregnancy brought my miracle baby boy into this world. Then followed 13 months of a severe case of postpartum depression. Of course, I wouldn’t change it for the world, but that time was dark and a real struggle.

When it was time for me to return to work, I battled being away from my family. Working 60+ hour weeks including weekends and holidays made me feel disconnect from my husband and son, but I believed working a “normal” job was the only way to make income.

At 37, we got pregnant again, but we suffered a miscarriage at 20 weeks which left me devastated. Depression, anxiety, weight gain and body image issues were in full force. Work was virtually impossible; I was spiraling downward into a level of sorrow I didn’t recognize. Then five months into my grief I realized that my sadness wasn’t just affecting me…but my entire family! 

This realization sparked a desire, a will for a better of life. So, in April that year, I committed to try something different, I committed to TRY to shift and I started a new program called DDPY. Little did I know…that this one little voice inside me, this one choice, this one commitment to myself, would change the direction of my life forever!

Live your best life!

After only 5 months on the program I was hooked and decided to I change my career and focus on nutrition, personal training, pre/post natal fitness and I became a celebrity trainer at the DDP Yoga Performance Center in Atlanta, GA! I even wrote 2 cookbooks and an eBook.

By the time I turned 40, I had given birth to my rainbow baby girl. I loved my job at the center, teaching every day but my desire to spend more time with my family kept growing. It was three years later, I took the leap and started my own online health & wellness coaching business; the best thing I ever did for myself and my family.

These days I am fortunate to have a career where I can control my own hours and choose to enjoy my family when I want; to me this is the perfect BALANCE! I still teach and offer PT from time to time because I love the one-on-one connection but helping people worldwide is my true calling!

The best part about coaching is seeing my clients succeed!  When their confidence grows it overflows into other areas of their lives which makes them happier beings. I’m also passionate about working with people who want to take their enthusiasm for fitness to the next level and build a business. By sharing this opportunity with anyone who is open to finding their personal freedom, I’m simply paying it forward! It’s changing lives on a whole new level and it’s truly something to get excited about! To date, my coaching business has helped over 1000 clients change their life with fitness and nutrition.

Personally, I’ve lost over 70 pounds and I have gained confidence, new friendships, a new positive mindset and the freedom to live life on my terms!

Find your Freedom!

If you’re being called to change your life, but you don’t know where to start, I am here for you! I want to help you, one step at time to become the best version of yourself!

Please reach out if you have any questions. Unsure or shy? Follow me on IG @BodyRebooted to take a peek into my daily life; I share lots of free workouts, nutrition tips and daily love!

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Sweat and love,


  1. I am awed by your inner strength. Your story is so touching, I’m sorry for your loss. You are quite incredible and I know that you will be successful in achieving your goals. Thanks for visiting my little blog and for the follow. 🙂

  2. Congrats on pushing through such hard times and putting yourself first. You deserve to be happy! Good luck!

  3. Oh my. When I started reading this post I was full of excitement about your journey. Imagine my surprise a few paragraphs later. I have this inate ability for sympathy and am still crying as I write this. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your baby and can’t imagine the horror you must have gone through. I’m happy that you’ve found an outlet for your sorrow and obviously you don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goals. You are a true inspriation! Many thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I look forward to your successes!

    1. Thank you so much. I just hope that I can help others that may have gone through, or are currently going through, something similar. I think it helps knowing that you’re not alone and that you CAN achieve your goals. 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing with the world! I’m just getting going (Day 30 DDP), but I have to say it’s really great to see pics/experiences from another 6’1″ woman. Gives me some realistic goals to shoot for, especially since I’m starting at about the same weight/size as you did. Keep it up!!

    1. Christina Russell

      Thank you. Can’t wait to read yours!! 🙂

  5. Michelle Hartgraves

    Great blog. Congratulations on your accomplishments! So glad you are part of #teamstellar with me!

  6. Martha

    What an amazing journey! I’m not familiar with DDP Yoga! I will be checking out your other posts about it!

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