Bee Pollen is made by honeybees.  They scrape off loose pollen, mix it with honey, and form it into a granule that feeds the young bee.

Bee Pollen is rich in proteins, amino acids, folic acid, calcium, potassium, zinc, and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K and cannot be synthesized in a lab.

Prostate Aid: Bee Pollen acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce overactive bladders in men.

Infertility:  Bee Pollen stimulates ovarian production and may assist in accelerating pregnancy.  Oh, and did I mention - it’s a great aphrodisiac too!

Treats Allergies: Bee Pollen reduces the presence of histamine by desensitizing allergy afflictions just like a vaccine does against childhood diseases.

Note:  Stir Bee Pollen granules into vegetable juices, smoothies, or mix in with cereals and salads.

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Hemp Hearts are the fruit inside hemp seeds and when eaten raw, their nutritional benefits are staggering.

Hemp Hearts are considered a complete protein and are a great vegan alternative to those allergic to soy.

Energy:  Hemp Hearts contain enough protein and fiber to slow digestion, prevent blood sugar spikes, and keep you full so you have more energy for longer.  The also contain iron, zinc, phosphorous, and vitamin E.

Heart Healthy:  Hemp Hearts help reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar, and improve circulation which can help prevent many heart diseases.

The Omega 3’s in Hemp Hearts help reduce cardiovascular disease and the Omega 6’s can regulate metabolism, stimulate hair growth, and maintain bone health.

Note: Try adding Hemp Hearts to hot and cold cereals, salads, soups, baked goods, and smoothies.

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The Goji Berry, also known as the Wolfberry, grows on shrubs native to southeastern Europe & Asia.  This fruit comes from the same family, Solanaceae, which includes potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, nightshade, and chili pepper.

Goji Berries have a been used in traditional Chinese medicine to help eyesight, protect the liver, improve fertility, boost immune function, and improve circulation.

Goji Berries have the highest concentration of protein in any fruit and are additionally packed with Vitamin C and are high in fiber.

Goji Berries are rich in antioxidants which help combat free radicals.

Snacking:  Goji Berries can be snacked on dry, added to cereals and salads, or used in your favorite smoothie.

Note:  Goji Berries may interact with some medications, such as blood-thinners, diabetes, and/or blood pressure drugs.  Before adding Goji Berries to your diet - please discuss with your doctor.

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Maca is a root native to the high Andes of Peru, growing at an elevation of 11,000-14,000 feet, making it the highest altitude crop to grow in the world!  Although it is related to radishes and turnips, it has a very sweet, butterscotch flavor.  Maca is best known for regulating hormones, offering energy boosts, and acting as an aphrodisiac.

Energy:  The Maca root is packed full of B vitamins which gives a similar energy boost as coffee, but without the caffeine. It is also a vegetarian source of B-12.

Hormone Regulation:  Maca does not provide hormones to the body; instead it words as an adaptogen which increases the body’s ability to adapt to changing situations within the body.  If your body is producing too much (or too little) of a particular hormone, Maca will help regulate the production downward or upwards as necessary.  Hormones regulate so many things including mood, growth, sexual development and tissue function.  Hormones may also play a role in many diseases such as cancer and depression.  Maca can help control your hormones to harmonize and improve your overall being.

Aphrodisiac:  Maca has been shown to have favorable effects on mood, energy levels, decreasing anxiety, and improving sexual desire.

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Chia Seeds; (Chia meaning “Strength” in the Mayan language) were very popular among Aztec warriors as it gave them energy boosts and increased endurance.

Health Benefits: Chia seeds are packed with fiber - just one tablespoon has 5 grams which helps keep you fuller for longer.  Chia seeds also help to lower bad cholesterol and prevents the absorption of fat.  If that’s not enough - these powerhouse seeds are also loaded with omega 3 & 6, antioxidants, calcium, manganese, phosphorous, and protein.

Cooking:  Chia seeds have a slight nutty flavor and are very versatile.  Mix them into smoothies and juice drinks, sprinkle on eggs and salads, create pudding and add to baked goods in place of poppy seeds.

Fun Fact:  Chia seeds contain tryptophan, just like turkey, which helps raise melatonin and serotonin levels to help you sleep sound.

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Aloe Vera is a succulent plant and part of the lily family, like garlic and onions.  Different parts of this plant are used for both external and internal healing,  cleansing, and repair.

Aloe Vera is packed full of vitamins & minerals such as vitamins A, C, E, B12, calcium, potassium, and copper, to name just a few.

Aloe Vera aids in digestion by cooling and cleansing the digestive tract and also decreases bad bacteria in our gut.  Aloe also reduces inflammation and improves joint flexibility.

Diseases and cancers can not live in an alkaline environment and because Aloe Vera is an alkaline forming food it helps balance overly acidic dietary habits.

Note:  Only take Aloe Vera that is made for internal digestion and do not take internally if pregnant, menstruating, have hemorrhoids, or degeneration of the gallbladder or liver.

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Flax is amongst the oldest fiber crops in the world - dating back over 30,000 years ago!

Cancer: Flaxseed may protect against breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer by inhibiting tumor growth and blocking enzymes that are involved in the spread of tumor cells.

Inflammation:  The Omega-3’s in Flaxseed can help reduce inflammation associated with plaque buildup in the arteries and certain illnesses such as asthma and Parkinson’s disease.

More Health Benefits:  Flaxseed helps to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, is packed with heart-healthy omega-3’s, is a great source of fiber, and can aid in reducing the intensity of hot flashes.

Note:  It is uncertain if Flaxseed is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers, so it’s best to avoid during these times.

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Cacao Powder comes from raw cacao beans that are grown on small trees called Theobroma cacao.  The name of this tree in the Greek language literally translates to “Cacao, the food of the Gods”.  How awesome is that?!!

The vitamins and minerals from raw Cacao Powder include protein, fiber, magnesium, calcium, iron, and vitamins B and E, to name a few.

Antidepressant:  The nutrients from Cacao Powder have been known to elevate mood, boost endorphins and boost serotonin levels which can all help to combat depression.

Free Radical Protection:  The high levels of antioxidants in Cacao Powder can help protect the body from free radicals such as cigarette smoke, sun exposure, and pollution which may lead to cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Digestion:  A full serving of Cacao Powder provides enough fiber to keep your digestive tract moving and helps to stimulate the body’s production of digestive enzymes.

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  1. Holly

    Wow. I need all of these in my life! I had never heard of maca before. I ordered some today. Thanks!

    1. Christina Russell

      That’s awesome Holly! Stay tuned - I’ll be putting new ones up each week! 🙂

  2. Kelly Barta

    I just bought some hemp hearts at my local co-op today because of you! I already use chia and flax….excited to integrate more of these on this list too!

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