Are You Keeping Your Brain In Shape?

Brain Boosting Foods |

Did you know that there are a variety of foods that can help restore brain function and improve your memory?

While having a strong diet is important for your health, you can choose delicious and nutritious foods that are beneficial for your noggin. Here’s a list from Daytona Toyota of the best brain booster foods you can get:

  • Oils and Spices
    • Olive Oil and Coconut Oil – Both provide saturated fats, an important nutrient for the function of brain cell membranes.
    • Turmeric – This member of the ginger family can help reduce inflammation.
  • Nuts & Seeds
    • Almonds – These nuts feature high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as a great deal of Vitamin E, which helps protects your brain.
    • Walnuts – Walnuts, also high in Vitamin E and omega-3 fats, feature an abundance of copper, manganese, and fiber that can boost cognitive performance.
    • Pumpkin Seeds – Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which helps improve your memory and function.
  • Fish & Eggs
    • Wild Salmon – Wild caught salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can help stimulate cell growth in your brain’s memory center.
    • Eggs – Eggs are loaded with cholesterol and choline, both of which protect cell membranes.
  • Fruit
    • Blueberries – Blueberries are loaded with protective antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation, which can be effecting at fighting degrative disorders.
    • Avocado – This fruit is loaded with monounsaturated fats that can help maintain healthy levels in blood pressure, as well as protect brain cells. (I personally eat 1/2 an avocado every day)
  • Vegetables
    • Kale – This leafy green is loaded with Vitamins C, K, and A, while also providing a healthy dose of potassium and iron.
    • Asparagus – Asparagus is rich in prebiotic fiber and anti-inflammatory nutrients.
    • Broccoli – Broccoli is high in sulforaphane, which is a detoxification chemical that can help reduce inflammation.
  • Great Taste
    • Dark chocolate and red wine – While both pair very well together, each is loaded with polyphenols which help increase blood flow to the brain, helping combat degenerative brain diseases. (I’m an expert on these) 😉

Next time, you are reaching for a snack, take a second to pause and think about the impact that food can have on your body. Maybe even switch it out for one of these options!


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