A Healthier Cheat Meal

You’ve worked hard all week, crushed your workouts each day and hit your macros like a boss. You’ve earned that coveted cheat meal to help shock your metabolism and now it’s time to decide what that meal will be.

You could go for donuts and ice cream or a double bacon cheeseburger OR you could go for something that’s a little bit healthier for you that still taste’s amazing but gives you the satisfaction and indulgence you are craving.

Introducing your healthier cheat meal: Papa John’s NEW Gluten-Free Crust with Ancient Grains.


Yaaaassss! Finally, a pizza that can be delivered to your front door with a gluten-free crust. Bye-bye frozen pizzas! The dough is never frozen and the ancient grains used are sorghum, teff, amaranth and quinoa. Now that is something to celebrate!

The quality and taste are just what you would expect from Papa John’s making this not only a great option for your cheat meal, but a healthier one too! Just like most gluten-free pizza’s the crust is thin so don’t cook the crust well-done, just order as is, but do load up on toppings, because the crust holds up very well. We enjoyed our pizzas and will definitely be adding this into our rotation on cheat nights!

Want to get your hands one tonight? CLICK HERE and use PROMO CODE: GLTN2T for a 2-topping gluten-free crust pizza for just $9.99! As soon as you get it, let me know what you think in the comments below or tag me @bodyrebooted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and use #PJGlutenFreeCrust 🙂


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