Christina Russell

  • Lanie

    Christina, I don’t know if this will be helpful for you, but it might be. After much trial and error I found that I had skin problems (as did my daughter) when the vitamin A in my diet was too low. What you would want (if you choose to pursue this) is the retinol form of A, which is found in liver (beef liver is better than chicken liver). If you can’t stomach liver, there are vitamin A drops you can take that are also great, called Nutrisorb A (you can find it on Amazon). Don’t know if it’ll make a difference for you, but after giving up so much for 3 months, it might be worth a shot. Your determination and strength of will is awesome.

    • Christina Russell

      You are so awesome Lanie - thank you!! xo

  • Lanie

    Sorry - one more thing…skin problems can also result from not having enough zinc in the diet. Good sources of zinc are wild-caught shellfish (like oysters). Try eating them once a week. :)