DDP Yoga

Ready to start owning your life?  Click the DDP Yoga pic above to purchase the program.

In 3 months - you’ll wish you started TODAY!

DDP Yoga is a hybrid workout that incorporates the very best of yoga, traditional fitness, sports therapy, old school calisthenics, and dynamic resistance creating a workout that gives you strength training, flexibility, and cardio all-in-one, with MINIMAL joint impact.  It’s a workout that can be used for the injured, overweight, or extreme athlete.  Currently it is being used by professional football players, MMA fighters, wrestlers, and everyday people like you & me that want to see results & improve their quality of life.  Formerly known as, YRG Fitness, DDPYoga has evolved into an incredible workout program coupled with a nutrition plan and an awesome community; teamddpyoga.com

Watch below to see how DDP Yoga has changed my life!


Click the DDP Yoga pic above to purchase the program

& start changing your life TODAY!

  • Pauline

    How do I start this yoga?

    • http://BodyRebooted.com Christina Russell

      Just click HERE to go to the ddpyoga store, purchase your dvd’s and you’ll be ready to go in no time! While you’re waiting for them to arrive - check out the New Members Page HERE and get started on some beginning workouts. Keep in touch!

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  • Hey

    I decided to grab DDP yoga after viewing your blog. Thank you! It’s awesome.
    I’ve been wondering, do you run or lift weights at all? Or is it ALL DDP + healthy food?
    I’ve read a few people who are in amazing shape using DDP and have added running to their work outs.
    Is this what you do as well? You look amazing!
    I’m a tall gal too, not a big fan of cardio but might take it up if it helps :)

    • Christina Russell

      I’m so happy you started DDP Yoga - You are going to LOVE it! I actually hated anything that was cardio related too - but this program is so different. It doesn’t feel like you’re doing cardio - just that you are getting a really awesome workout. I haven’t done ANYTHING else but DDP Yoga (and healthy eating) and I’ve lost 60 pounds and over 40 inches from my body. You can do other things if you want, but you definitely don’t need too.
      Please keep in touch with me - I would love to hear how you progress. You can find me at teamddpyoga.com (@Christina Russell) or on http://facebook.com/BodyRebooted or http://twitter.com/BodyRebooted. Make sure you spend some time on teamddpyoga.com and take your 6 starting pictures. The support there one of the best parts of ddpyoga. :)

      • Hey

        Thank you so much for answering!
        You have no idea how happy I am knowing that you only used DDP! I would love to lose 20-25lbs but I was worried I would need to incorporate cardio with these DVDs to be super fit like you! I’ve joined the DDP site (haven’t uploaded pics yet). I will look for you. I am subscribed to your youtube channel tho! Thanks again!!! <3

        • Christina Russell

          Anytime! :)