DDPYoga Retreat - Recap #1 - The People

Hola Amigos!  As most of you know, I just returned from the DDPYoga Retreat Extravaganza in Mexico…and let me tell you…it was AMAZING!  The past 6 days have been a bit of a blur - but I’ve learned so much and I’d like to take this week to share everything with you.

Arthur Boorman - My Inspiration

To start - I got to meet the man himself, who inspired & motivated me to  start the DDPYoga program, Arthur Boorman.  He is an amazing, funny, inspirational, and caring man and I am truly honored that I can now call him a friend.  If you’ve never seen his amazing video - please take a moment to watch now at the bottom of this post.  It will change your life! Oh, and did I mention?, he was nursing a 7″ tear in is abductor and STILL managed to make every single DDPYoga workout (and make it look it easy).  The man is a machine!

Next, of course, is the creator of DDPYoga - the legend - the man himself - D.D.P!

Christina & DDP

Talk about a genuine guy.  Dallas took every opportunity during this retreat to personally get to know each and every one of us.  He kicked our ass during the day and rubbed shoulders with us at night.  For someone of his celebrity status to care about the wellbeing of others is just remarkable.  I have been around a lot of wealthy and famous people from my days of running super-yacht marinas and I have only met a handful of people like Dallas.  He is one of a kind.

I’ll get a little more into this later this week, but he taught us about nutrition, about the US food supply and how it has changed drastically from when we were kids.  He shared his personally stories of injuries, defeat, and triumph, his daily struggles and his victories over the last 12 years while developing his amazing program.  He spoke about the future of DDPYoga and what he wants it to grow into.  He gave us one-on-one coaching with all of the DDPYoga moves and even taught us a few new ones and taught us the meaning of ‘living life at 90%’.

And if all that wasn’t great enough - the friendships made during this retreat will be lifelong.  The community of DDPYoga members are HANDS-DOWN, the best people on the planet!  There will be plenty more pics to come throughout the week, on Facebook & Twitter @BodyRebooted, along with some AWESOME videos, but here are a few of my favorite pics to kick off the week.  Interested in DDP Yoga – click here to purchase today!


  • http://lessofbex.wordpress.com lessofbex

    Sounds like an amazing trip. I’d never heard of DDP yoga until I read your blog. Do you need to dedicate a lot of time to it or is just a little bit every day? The video is very inspiring.

    • http://myedietsjourney.com christinarussell

      Hi Bex! The workouts range anywhere form 15 minutes to 75 minutes but it’s really up to you. This program is fantastic and appeals to a lot of people that are overweight or have injuries because he gives you so many ways to modify the positions until you can do them at full strength. To quote DDP, he says, “fake it, until you make it”, which means do what you can until you are strong enough to do it at 100%. But it doesn’t stop there - once you can master a certain position - he always gives you ways to keep growing and keep challenging yourself. The BEST part of the entire program is that it’s a minimal joint impact workout that also gives you strength training and cardio. I know you run, but I am TERRIBLE at running and this program allows me to get my heart rate up and stay in my fat-burning zone without running. So, in the end, you do it at your own pace. :)

      • http://lessofbex.wordpress.com lessofbex

        You’ve definitely sold it to me Christina :) I’ve looked on the website - is the best thing to just buy the DVD? Thanks for replying so quickly.

        • http://myedietsjourney.com christinarussell

          Check out the link that Vince posted in comments and go from there. I actually bought the entire dvd set right after I saw the Arthur Boorman video, but you can do it in stages too. Whatever works for you :) Let me know what you decide as I’d love to follow along with your progress!

  • Vince

    If you want to try it first, sign up at teamddpyoga.com then head to http://www.teamddpyoga.com/page/new-member-resources where you can stream the tutorial and initial workout.
    That said though, you won’t regret the DVDs - I certainly didn’t.

    • http://myedietsjourney.com christinarussell

      Thanks Vince!

  • http://myedietsjourney.com christinarussell

    See Bex - the community is already ROCKIN by reaching out to you. I swear…best group of people ever!

  • http://lessofbex.wordpress.com lessofbex

    Thanks both of you - I’ve just signed up to the website :)

    • http://myedietsjourney.com christinarussell


  • Matt

    Wow. You are a beautiful lady. It’s nice to know that not everyone doing this is necessarily overweight. DDP was my favorite WCW wrestler of all time. I’m hoping to make it to a retreat in the future. Thanks for sharing.

    • http://myedietsjourney.com christinarussell

      Thanks Matt! And if you can make - I would do it. The experience was priceless. We’re already set up to go again next year!