Living Life at 90%

When some people hear me talking about living live at 90% they wonder why not at 100%?!  Well, let me explain.  Diamond Dallas Page came up with the phrase living life at 90% after hearing Lou Holtz say that, “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how YOU react to it”.  That is a powerful statement and that’s exactly how DDP wanted to live his life and pay it forward by helping others learn to live that way too!  Learning to live life at 90% will help you adjust the way you react to the daily challenges that life throws at you.  Check out this inspirational video of DDP teaching others on how to live life at 90%: (password: ddp)

What are you waiting for?  Make the decision to change your life today and start living life at 90%!  Order you DDP Yoga DVDs by clicking here!


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