So you’ve heard about this workout called DDP YOGA.

Maybe you’ve seen the viral YouTube video that shows an injured ex-paratrooper on walking crutches that transforms his body (more about him below), maybe you’ve seen the Shark Tank episode, or maybe you just keep hearing about it on Facebook. Any way you slice it - this program is making a name for itself.

So what is DDP YOGA? 

DDP Yoga is a hybrid workout that incorporates the very best of yoga, traditional fitness, sports therapy, old school calisthenics, and dynamic resistance creating a workout that gives you strength training, flexibility, and cardio all-in-one, with minimal joint impact.

In other words, it’s a full body workout that ANYONE can do.

DDP stands for Diamond Dallas Page, former professional wrestler turned fitness fanatic. He created this workout to help himself, and other professional athletes, rehab themselves from all the high-impact injuries they obtain from a life in sports. When DDP ruptured his L4 and L5 discs in his back he was told by 3 doctors that he would never wrestle again. He was desperate to keep his dream alive and was willing to try anything, even yoga (even though he said he’d never be caught dead doing yoga). To his surprise - the yoga was actually helping him. He started incorporating what he considered the best of all his favorite workouts and added in his “dynamic resistance” and the result was a kick-ass cardio workout that also helps build muscle and increase flexibility that brought him back to the ring to win not one, but three WCW World Heavyweight Championships.

OK - so DDP is an athlete, but you’re just a regular guy or gal - so you might be asking yourself, “What will this program do for me?”

One of the biggest pros of this program is weight loss. It wasn’t intended for that purpose,  but it’s a no-brainer seeing how it’s designed to be a collection of full-body workouts that help you build muscle as you increase your cardiovascular stamina. Check out the real life weight-loss transformation video from everyday people using DDP Yoga: The Journey of 1000 Miles…Begins With A Single Step.

Another pro for DDP Yoga is the drastic increase in flexibility. DDP’s signature move ‘Diamond Cutter’ helps shake the rust off your spine and improve your posture and moves like ‘Can Opener’ and ‘Figure 4’ help open up your hips. By the end of the workouts you won’t feel exhausted and sluggish - you’ll actually feel amazing and incredibly mobile & flexible…and flexibility is the key to youth!

Need another reason? How about increased strength?! Dallas takes moves like the traditional pushup and puts a creative spin on that really helps build your upper body. He created the slow-burn pushups in 3, 5, and 10 seconds that will rock your body! Want to make it harder - kick it up into handstand pushups. With DDP Yoga, there’s always someplace to go!

Who can do DDP YOGA?

The best part about this workout is that ANYONE can do it. It can be modified to be easier for the overweight or injured or it can be ramped-up for the ultimate athlete. Currently it is being used by professional football players & wrestlers, MMA fighters, and everyday people like you & me that want to see results & improve their quality of life.

I have personally seen men and women who are overweight, injured, and/or in very poor health use this program and get results that are nothing short of amazing. DDP Yoga is geared towards people who “wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga”, said Dallas. He removes the spiritual aspect, incorporates fun names for moves like ‘safety zone’ and ‘wrap and burn’, and gives you a workout that takes the place of three. No more stretching, then cardio, then weight lifting at the gym - with DDP Yoga you get it all in each one of the 14 workouts.

Need a little inspiration? Check out some of the success stories and members under construction pages and get ready to be blown away with their results!

Arthur Boorman and his transformation video that went viral!

Arthur Boorman is an ex-paratrooper who sustained severe injuries to his spine and knees from his many, many jumps. For 15 years he walked around with walking crutches and a wheelchair. He lived a life of extreme pain and discomfort and he watched as his weight continued to rise. He had lost all hope for himself…wouldn’t you?

Watch below to see why there are over 11 million views of his inspirational and unbelievable transformation using DDP Yoga.

What do you need to do DDP YOGA?

All you need are the workout DVDs, a yoga mat, a towel, water, and a heart rate monitor. Be prepared to sweat (a lot), be prepared to burn a lot of calories, and get ready to fall in love with a program that you can do EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. It’s that sustainable.

I highly recommend the Max Pack. It’s the best bang for your buck as you get:

  • 14 Workouts: beginner, intermediate, advanced and extreme
  • Diamond Dozen Poster (the 13 moves that are the foundation of DDP Yoga)
  • Program Guide with 13 week workout schedule, inspiration, motivation and recommended phase 1, 2, & 3 nutrition guide, meal plan, food journal and recipes
  • Audio mp3 of all workouts
  • Free video download of DDP’s inspirational talk of “Living Life at 90%”

Want to start ASAP? You can! As soon as you purchase the program you get instant access to the first 2 workouts and the best support system on the planet: TeamDDPYoga.com Get started today and then get ready to rock & roll when your DVDs arrive! Click here to order your copy of the DDP Yoga Program today!

Want to try it live? Click here to see if there’s a Certified DDP Yoga Instructor by you!

This is me. If I can do this - you can do this. I’m just a regular girl that suffered a loss and let herself go. When I realized that my depression and body image problems were not just affecting me, but my entire family, I decided to make a change. I decided to invest in myself. I decided to own my life.

Click here to see my before and after pictures throughout my transformation.

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