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Want to learn more about DDPYoga?  See more results?  See how awesome it is?!  Well take a moment and check out these great blogs from my fellow DDPYoga friends & teammates.  BANG! 

DDPYoga @BodyRebootedA Short History of DDPYoga



  • Don Schmelhaus

    Love your blogs, just can’t leave a comment all the time, it seems that I have to be a member of wordpress to do that. Keep up the great work

    • Christina Russell

      Thanks! I’ll see what I can do about that :)

  • Cliff Able

    Great blog and website, Christina! I am so proud of you! Now I see that I will have to kick my ‘DDP Yoga- Own It Share It’ concept in the butt! (Into high gear!)
    Look for my name on your Kickstarter list, too!

    • Christina Russell

      Thank you so much Cliff! xo