Weigh Day #18 - I got this!

It must have been the 30 days straight of DDPYoga workouts because I lost another 3 pounds this week!  That’s 44 pounds gone that I am determined to NEVER see again! :)

Even better - I fly out to Mexico in exactly one week for the DDPYoga Yoga Retreat Extravaganza!  I’m so excited and nervous all at the same time.  I can’t wait to be around & meet the other DDPYoga members that I’ve bonded with online.  I also am super stoked about meeting DDP and being able to learn from him first hand.  I’ve spoken with him on the phone twice, but in person is a whole different story!  I’m a little nervous about the multiple workouts daily and hope that I can keep up!  In any case - I have a feeling it will be a trip that I will NEVER forget!  I just learned that there will be a cooking demonstration there too, so hopefully I can get in to see that and learn all about gluten and dairy free eating.

Please take a moment and check out my Before & After page and my new picture this week & updated stats.  I just can’t believe how much my body has changed!


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