Final Weigh Day & Recaps

Today is my last 'official' weigh day since I completed my journey with eDiets just 2 weeks ago.  I loved the eDiets meal delivery program as it reminded me what a proper portion size is and gave

Weigh Day #18 - I got this!

It must have been the 30 days straight of DDPYoga workouts because I lost another 3 pounds this week!  That's 44 pounds gone that I am determined to NEVER see again! :)

Even better - I fly out

Weigh Day #16 - Hell’s Bells

Well - I was hoping for another pound dropped this week - but it seems as if the 'Father's Day Dinner turned into Father's Day Weekend Extravaganza' didn't work so much in my favor.   The good

6 Fitness Myths Debunked!

Happy Monday everyone!  I am feeling awesome today and looking forward to a great week.  I came across this article in the Washington Post this weekend about some common fitness myths - some

Weigh Day #14 - Video Update!

I'm a little emotional after seeing my results this morning and I'd like to take a moment to thank those that helped me come this far.  For full results of my weight loss journey this far, please

Weigh Day #12 - 1 Pound Closer

Happy Weigh-in Wednesday!

I was a bit worried about today's weigh-in since the last couple weekends have been full of weddings, visiting family, and mother's day feasts.  But, I'm happy to report