Final Weigh Day & Recaps

Today is my last 'official' weigh day since I completed my journey with eDiets just 2 weeks ago.  I loved the eDiets meal delivery program as it reminded me what a proper portion size is and gave

DDPYoga Retreat – Recap #2 – The Workouts

First and foremost - a word from the man himself - DDP


haha - OK, well that was a shameless plug, but I had to show it off a little!

So - DDPYoga workouts

90 Days with DDPYoga!

Today is officially my 3 month anniversary with DDP Yoga! 

I am so glad that the Team DDPYoga site encourages you to take 6 beginning photos as it REALLY shows just how much my body is changing. 

Yoga & Gym Bloopers

I don't what is going on this week - but it is not going very well for me.  I have been frustrated, angry, stressed, sad, anxious, & disappointed and it's only TUESDAY!  So, instead of writing

7 Effective Exercises

When done correctly, these 7 exercises will give you results you can see & feel.  Good technique is a must!
Walking - Why it's a winner:  You can walk anywhere, anytime, all you need is

Mexico Bound!

About a month ago, I received a call on my cell from LA.  I didn't think anything of it at the time, as I don't know anyone from Cali and so I let it go to voicemail.  To my surprise, the caller

Wake Up with DDP

Hey guys! Just a quick review of the DDP Yoga warm-up workout called 'Wake Up'.  :)  Interested in DDP Yoga – click here to purchase today!