DDPYoga Retreat – Recap #2 – The Workouts

First and foremost - a word from the man himself - DDP


haha - OK, well that was a shameless plug, but I had to show it off a little!

So - DDPYoga workouts

90 Days with DDPYoga!

Today is officially my 3 month anniversary with DDP Yoga! 

I am so glad that the Team DDPYoga site encourages you to take 6 beginning photos as it REALLY shows just how much my body is changing. 

Weigh Day #17 - Can I get a Hell Yeah?!


Best Weigh Day to date! 
Today I hit 3 great milestones:

1.  I am officially out of the 170's and in the 160's!!  Weighing in at 169 - bringing my total to 41 POUNDS LOST!  Check

Weigh Day #9 - Here we go!

weight loss

OK - it's the first weigh day since I got back from vacation 3 days ago and I'm a quite nervous to see what the scale & measuring tape has in store for me.  As they say, there's no time like the

Weigh Day #7 - Milestone alert!

I can't believe this is my 7th weigh-day!  That's 7 weeks of hard work, yummy food, determination, and AWESOMENESS with eDiets by my side!  Let's not forget about the recent addition of