It’s Motivational Monday time and boy, did I get motivated today.  I started out with a 30 minute DDPYoga workout this morning with my hubby.   Then, breakfast and getting my son ready for school and back again for the September Warriors in Training Challenge - 100 Bang! Salute

Here are the details (video below):

This one, well, this CHALLENGE, it’s BANG-TASTIC!!!  What’s a BANG! SALUTE, you ask?!   Let alone 100 of them?! Well, let me tell you.  It’s a series of DDP YOGA moves that gets you engaged, lit up like a live wire, flexed and flexible, as well as DDP Yoga STRONG!

It goes like this. I will post a video going through the routine so you can see it, but the following is a BANG! SALUTE!

1. Ignition

2. Diamond Cutter

3. Forward Bend

4. Down Dog

5. Plank (the modification here is a 3 sec Push Up)

6. Down Dog

7. Forward Bend 

8. Diamond Cutter

Now you might say, “Sparky, after last month, that’s CAKE!”  So, my response is;


“Do 100 of them.”



The whole routine, I am guessing, should take you about 45-50 minutes.  But, I am guessing you will have to work up to it.  These are the core moves of DDP Yoga, and doing a series of them in a row will get your shoulders strong, your back and hamstrings flexed, your arms and chest pumped, and you MOTIVATED AND INSPIRED!

So, let’s pay each and every one of us the RESPECT you all deserve and earned last month, and give everyone in the WiT group a 100 BANG! SALUTE!!!

Please post your progress as you come through this, but also work up to do the entire 100 and post a video to youtube when finished and link it here.

Alright - so here is my PROOF that I kicked some butt today!  You may just want to watch the beginning and pick it up again at 46:30 to hear the recap stats as I’m sure the 45 minutes in-between aren’t too exciting (although I made sure to add some funky music if you do decide to watch/listen).


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