Inspiration and Fitspiration

On Wednesday, 9/11,  I posted a comment on my BodyRebooted facebook page from a childhood friend of mine.  She sent me a private message saying that she had lost 27 pounds so far, mostly due to my inspirational posts and recipes.  She also said, “So happy. Only have about 20-25 to go but I have no fear I will do it… You motivated me - so a huge huge thanks!!!” 

Wow!  That was truly moving for me.  Even though it brought tears to my eyes (happy tears), it made me feel incredible!  This was EXACTLY what I was hoping for when I started blogging about my journey.  Being able to pay it forward and help others own their life is one of my biggest goals.  I want to help people, because I know just how it feels to be on the flip side of healthy.  It’s not a fun place to be at and it’s nice to see that people just like you are able to turn their life around.  Gives you hope that it’s possible for you too!

Now, as if that’s wasn’t good enough, I received 7 private messages that evening from other people (some friends and some strangers) telling me similar stories!  One of them said he just started the DDPYoga program (because of my videos & posts) and is starting to eat healthy with my recipes.  Another fan said that she stops by my blog to visit anytime she needs motivation to work out.  She said I was her “happy place“.  :)   For the first time in a long time, I was speechless.  How did this happen?  How am I their inspiration? I’ve always aimed to be an inspiration to others, but when did it start happening?  Then I remembered something that one of my readers, Mark (you can read his blog here), wrote to me on my birthday post (25 goals for the next year) a few weeks ago.  Goal #25 was to Become a Fitspiration!  He said, “I have to ask though, “Aren’t you already an inspiration and fitspiration?” Those of us who are just getting started or getting up again after falling (like me) appreciate reading your journey.” 

It was then that I realized that being inspirational is being yourself.  Opening yourself up and sharing your experiences can inspire others to to do the same.  Losing weight, eating healthy, and committing to an active lifestyle through DDPYoga is what this journey is all about.  Being positive and learning that YOU ARE WORTH IT is key and that ANYTHING is possible once you DECIDE to make the change. 

Thank you to all my readers, new and old, for not only sticking by my side, but for sharing your stories with me.  I am truly honored to be your inspiration and FITspiration and I will continue to do my best and motivate us all to reach our goals together! 




Christina Russell

I'm just a girl who overcame obstacles to shine brighter than ever before! Join me on my journey towards optimal health!

  • Mark Wilson

    Yep, I was right :) Glad that hit home with you and glad it helped. Thanks for the plug by the way.

    I have a bad habit of blogging and tweeting and thinking because no one comments that no one is listening, so sometimes you don’t always know who you helped. I had probably been reading your blog for weeks before I ever made a comment.

    And that reminds me, been a while since I have updated so I’m getting on it today.

    • Christina Russell

      You are awesome Mark! Thanks for sticking by me & my blog and thanks for the kind words! Look forward to the update :) Have a great week!