I think I can!

When it comes to motivation, expectation is everything.  None of us are perfect.  None of us can escape setbacks and pitfalls.  But if you expect to succeed - you will!

The most common thread among motivated people are those that made the decision to do something, expect that they will achieve it, and continue to take action and push through their daily obstacles until they reach it.  Anything is possible!

What can you do right now to increase your motivation?

  1. Believe that your goal isn’t just possible, but possible for YOU to achieve.
  2. Set up a plan for pitfalls.  Take your hiccup and turn it into an opportunity.  (Support systems are great for rough days)
  3. Push forward.  Be ready to go after your goal on your good AND your bad days.  Don’t quit, no matter what!
  4. Reward yourself!  You deserve it!
  5. Share your story.  You never know who you may help along the way. :)

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the amazing support of my family and the belief that I can change my life and be who I want to be.  Never give up!



Christina Russell

I'm just a girl who overcame obstacles to shine brighter than ever before! Join me on my journey towards optimal health!

  • Jodi Marino

    I ordered pack 2 of ddp yoga. I have no clue which says to do what and how how start. Any advice??? I didn’t come with the calendar:(

    Loving your website!!!!

    • http://BodyRebooted.com Christina Russell

      Yay! I’m so excited for you - your life, and body, is about to change!!
      OK, while you’re waiting for your dvd’s - sign up at teamddpyoga.com and head over to the New Member’s Guide (located under ‘Members’ at the top navigation). Here you’ll read up on how to take your 6 starting pics, and you can do the breathing tutorial and first workout: the Diamond Dozen. When you’ve got your profile all set up - add me as a friend (Christina Russell) and I’ll introduce you to some of the great groups online.
      Anytime you have a question - please reach out to me on teamddpyoga, bodyrebooted.com or on facebook/twitter: @BodyRebooted. :)

      • Jodi

        Awesome thank you very much, can’t wait to sign up! Such motivation!