You CAN reach your goals!

thinkyoucanWhether you are just starting out, had a set back, or feel like you’ve been at it forever - know that you CAN reach your goals!

  • First & foremost - BE REALISTIC.  Make sure your goal is achievable and give yourself ample time to reach it.  If you are trying to go from a size 18 to a size 4 in 6 weeks - it’s not going to happen.  Research what a healthy weight loss is per week and base your time frame around that.  (A 1-2 pound loss per week is considered optimal).
  • Secondly - COMMIT!  Figure out your reasons why you want to achieve your goal and DO IT.  The more reasons you have to reach your goal - the more likely you’ll be able to keep going, even on those “off” days.
  • Thirdly - DON’T MAKE EXCUSES.  If your goal is to workout more but you think you never have time…think again.  If you have time to facebook - then you have time to workout.  IMG_0616
  • Next - VISUALIZE REACHING YOUR GOAL.  If your goal is to drop 3 dress sizes - then picture yourself rockin’ a new bikini or looking hot in that little black dress.  Keep telling yourself that you CAN do it.  It’s that continual positive reinforcement that will help you cross that finish line.
  • Last but not least, REWARD YOURSELF.  You can choose to reward yourself along the way as you reach your sub-goals…or you can wait until the end and do it big!  Dropped 10 pounds?  Get a pedicure!  Stopped eating processed food - Get a massage!  Lost 50 pounds and are completely off all medication - Go to Tahiti!  Whatever you decide, remember that acknowledging what you have achieved thus far and knowing how much you will have accomplished by the time you reach your goal is key.  The hardest battles to win are always within ourselves.


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