Motivational Bikini

After much success with my first week on eDiets, I decided to make a purchase to keep me motivated and determined to reach my goal weight.  Not only do I need to lose weight for my health and body

I lost a head! Weigh Day #1

green apple with tape

Hi guys!

Well, today is the last day of my first week on the eDiets fresh prepared meal delivery program and I lost 8 lbs!!!

Fun Fact:  8lbs = a human head  :)

Talk about a nice jump

Portion sizes

Turkey Meatball Pizza with Red and Green Peppers

If you've stared a diet before, you know that changing to the correct portion size is usually the hardest part.  Our bodies are used to the enormous servings we get at restaurants, all-you-can-eat

Benefits of Water

Drinking enough water each day is essential to your health.  Check out these six reasons to make sure you are staying hydrated each day:

Drinking water maintains the balance of body fluids.