Final Weigh Day & Recaps

Today is my last 'official' weigh day since I completed my journey with eDiets just 2 weeks ago.  I loved the eDiets meal delivery program as it reminded me what a proper portion size is and gave

DDPYoga Retreat – Video Recap

Thank you to everyone that made this retreat so amazing!  We'll see you next year!  XOXO, Christina


What NOT to say to someone losing weight

I don't know about you guys - but I have had some REALLY dumb things said to me while trying to lose weight and get healthy.  Here are some of the classics - vote for your favorite and share yours

Tip Tuesday & DDP Yoga Update


Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and took some time out to give thanks to the men & women who have died for our freedom.

Today, I've got 5 diet mistakes you don't want to

Weigh Day #11 - A New Size!

It's Weigh Day #11 & I'm proud to announce that I am officially a size 10!  That's 4 sizes smaller than 11 weeks ago!  Hooray!

Today I weighed in at 179 lbs. which is a 14.76% weight