What NOT to say to someone losing weight

I don’t know about you guys - but I have had some REALLY dumb things said to me while trying to lose weight and get healthy.  Here are some of the classics - vote for your favorite and share yours with me by adding it to the poll…please,  I could use the laugh!



  1. Basically, replace “donut” with just about any former food vice I once had, and that’s the most of what I’ve heard. Ugh.

  2. Many times people have asked me what “diet” I am on and they are very disappointed when I say: “no diet- working out and eating right.” They are eager for a quick fix.

  3. Two quick stories:
    1) My super fit, tough-as-nails friend has only one hand. She lost the other in an accident when she was a child. She prefers not to wear a prosthetic. A man came up to her at the gym and lectured her about how she needed to work on her stump (kid you not) so that arm wouldn’t be weak. My friend was speechless and mortified. I explained she had just been named MVP of a huge local softball tourney where she played catcher (seriously). If she made her ‘stump’ any stronger she might kill him with one punch. We left him gaping.

    2) I’m a big girl and now, over 40. I only started working out and eating healthy a few years ago. I’m still big. I can squat, bench and dead lift more than some guys at our gym. An older man came up to me after I’d been at the gym for 2 hours one day (cardio + strength training) and told me to “keep going until I looked like her”. He pointed to a twenty year old, very tiny framed girl. My body type could NEVER look like her. I left the gym crying. People are just thoughtless.

    Just remember, everything on that list is all about people trying to get you to carry THEIR baggage. You’re not a valet and that’s not why you lift weights. Do what makes you happy & healthy. Do the best you can to shut out their ‘noise’.

    Loving your blog!

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