Fitness Friday - Pump it up!


Weight lifting and yoga are become the ultimate power couple! 
You can sculpt a more powerful and balanced body by doing the following routine 3 times per week with 3-5 pound dumbbells:


Supercharge your Smoothie

Two refreshing & healthy supercharged smoothies to keep you going strong!

[caption id="attachment_1129" align="alignleft" width="268"] The Green Monster Smoothie[/caption]


Weigh Day #17 - Can I get a Hell Yeah?!


Best Weigh Day to date! 
Today I hit 3 great milestones:

1.  I am officially out of the 170's and in the 160's!!  Weighing in at 169 - bringing my total to 41 POUNDS LOST!  Check

Food Swaps

10 easy food swaps to help you satisfy your cravings without adding inches:

Swap out salad croutons for walnuts.  Walnuts have a great texture and can lower LDL (bad cholesterol) while raising

Creating Positive Habits

new habits

Creating positive habits isn't as easy as it seems.  Some say it takes 21 days - others say years.  Either way it's never easy - but it's always worth it!

If you are looking to workout more,

4 Month Anniversary with eDiets!


Four months ago I embarked on my journey towards lifelong optimal health; and boy, has it been some journey!  I started overweight, clinically depressed from the loss of our baby, on medication, and