Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny

Just a quick note to wish everyone a happy Easter weekend!

If you're like me - you're probably already freaking out about a big 'holiday' dinner messing up all your hard work in losing weight. 

My favorite day of the week…

...Thursday!  Why?  Because I get all my eDiets meals for the week!  It's a little scary how happy I get when they arrive - but it's like Christmas morning to me!  I pick my meals out

Weigh Day #5 - Caution: Some Graphic Images

Weigh Day #5 - It's been 5 weeks on the eDiets meal plan and I've lost a grand total of TEN INCHES (10") and TWENTY POUNDS (20lbs)! 

Check out my updated pictures & stats on my Before &

DDP Yoga

I'm not sure how many of you have heard about DDP Yoga, but it's "not your mama's yoga" as DDP says!  DDP stands for Diamond Dallas Page (former WCW Champion) and he has created a hybrid yoga that

When there’s just not enough time…


...eDiets makes it soooo easy!  Today's meals were super easy, quick, and delicious.  Awesome when you're short on time but want healthy, quick, & satisfying meals.  Just one more reason

No Gym? No Problem!


I wasn't able to get a run in today or get to the gym so I looked through a bunch of my at-home workouts and found this killer 15 minute workout to tone every inch of your body.  Check it out!