Good Food & Good Exercise = Results!

Hey guys!  I've posted some new videos - the first is one of my top 3 lunches from eDiets, followed by my two newest workouts with DDP Yoga.   (No laughing! These workouts are getting tough and

Quick & Easy!

Happy Tuesday!

I've received a few questions about how long it takes to prepare the eDiets meals so I made a little video for you.  You won't believe just how fast and easy it is to get to a healthy

When there’s just not enough time…


...eDiets makes it soooo easy!  Today's meals were super easy, quick, and delicious.  Awesome when you're short on time but want healthy, quick, & satisfying meals.  Just one more reason

A day of eDiets meals

For those of you who do not follow me on Instagram (sweetpea1210) or Twitter (sweetepearussell) - you're missing the best part of seeing what eDiets is all about....the FOOD!

So, here is my typical