10 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Having a rough day?  Not feeling up for working out?  We’ve all been there - tired, overworked, and far from motivated.

Last month I embarked on a challenge, with my fellow DDPYoga Warriors in Training members, to work out every single day for the entire month of June.  Let me tell you…it wasn’t easy.  Some days were good - others not so much - but it was totally worth it!  I sped up my weight loss, gained a noticeable amount of strength, and felt great after each workout - even when I didn’t want to do it beforehand. If you find yourself having a particularly challenging day - try one of these methods and see if doesn’t change your mind.  Remember:  THE ONLY WORKOUT YOU’LL EVER REGRET - IS THE ONE YOU DIDN’T DO!

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself

  1. Tell yourself you’re worth it.
  2. Switch up your workout and try something new.
  3. Put on your workout clothes.
  4. Turn on some music to pump you up.
  5. Just do it & make yourself proud.
  6. Remember what you looked like in your ‘Before’ picture.  Here’s my BEFORE Picture.
  7. Get online and check-in with your support system.  (This worked wonders for me - Yay for TeamDDPYoga!)
  8. Do it so you can log it in your favorite fitness app.  (My go-to app is FitBit & MyFitnessPal) Click HERE to be friends.
  9. Check out my Pinterest Inspiration Board & Body Rebooted Board to inspire you.  Follow my boards HERE.
  10. Watch the Arthur Boorman videoPURE INSPIRATION!

Update!  Here’s me & Arthur just one week later!  I still can’t believe I got to meet AND workout with my weight loss inspiration!!  BANG!

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  • http://authorkathryn.wordpress.com authorkathryn

    Great tips! I often find myself desperately in need of motivation.

    • http://myedietsjourney.com christinarussell

      Thanks! :)

  • http://www.livingmadehealthy.com mrsalexzan

    I’m totally lackin motivation right now. Perfect timing!

    • http://myedietsjourney.com christinarussell

      Glad to help! :)

  • Carole Hedman

    Hi! My name is Carole and I noticed you log onto Fitbit. I want to get a fitbit, I’m not sure if I should get the original or the wrist band. Do you have a preference? Thank you for your input.

    • http://BodyRebooted.com Christina Russell

      I LOVE the flex (wristband). You can shower in it, sleep in it, and basically wear it everywhere but in the pool (submerged). It lasts for 5-7 days before it needs to be charged via USB port and it syncs up perfectly with the app. The original is great too, but I would either lose it or forget to transfer it from pocket to purse, etc. What’s great is that the fitbit syncs with myfitnesspal so you only have to record in one of them :) Hope that helps!