Top 20 Gluten Free Snacks with 2 Bonus Recipes!

When I made the switch to a gluten-free lifestyle, the hardest part was finding great snacks to have on hand.  But after a few weeks, I have a MUCH better handle on what to keep stocked in my kitchen. 

First Shopping Trip = Success!

August 1st is just around the corner and I have a LOT of information to read, learn, and put into action in order to go completely gluten-free & cow-dairy free & GMO free.  This weekend my

DDPYoga Retreat – Video Recap

Thank you to everyone that made this retreat so amazing!  We'll see you next year!  XOXO, Christina


DDPYoga Retreat – Recap #3 – The Food

In DDP's Program Guide and on Dallas talks about his three phases of nutrition.  (It's important to note that DDP has not created a diet, but rather a lifelong lifestyle change of

Weigh Day #18 - I got this!

It must have been the 30 days straight of DDPYoga workouts because I lost another 3 pounds this week!  That's 44 pounds gone that I am determined to NEVER see again! :)

Even better - I fly out