Weigh Day #7 - Milestone alert!

I can’t believe this is my 7th weigh-day!  That’s 7 weeks of hard work, yummy food, determination, and AWESOMENESS with eDiets by my sideLet’s not forget about the recent addition of volleyball, 0 to 5K, and DDPYoga too!

Check out my full stats HERE…but in summary I lost another 4 pounds this week bringing my grand total up to:

  • 25 pounds lost
  • 15.25″ inches lost

That’s the average weight of a 2 year old!  OMG - I lost a kid!

The perfect combination to losing weight = eDiets healthy meals + lots of fun exercise!

Thanks eDiets for teaching me the proper way to portion out meals and eat healthy!

25 lbs down - 30 to go!

Check out this video for my dressing room surprise!