ViewSport - Sweat Activated Apparel Review & Coupon Code


Full Disclosure:  I did not receive this product complimentary - I purchased it on my own for review purposes because it looked so cool!   No compensation was provided and as always, I will give my honest opinion about the product.  It just so happens that I love this product so if you do click on a link I will get a small commission - so hook me up! :)

I stumbled upon the ViewSport website one day while surfing the web for my new wardrobe (aka workout clothes).  What immediately caught my eye was the sweat activated shirts - so freaking cool - hidden motivational messages appear while you sweat!  I immediately fell in love with the pink Beast Mode tank and ordered it up.  I received my shirt very fast with just the standard shipping and put it on for my very next DDP Yoga workout.  Super excited - I started my workout and really put everything into it.  I was indoors in the A/C and I really wanted to see what this shirt could do - so I gave it my all and …..drum roll… worked!!  Here’s the best pic I could get:

Since then I’ve worn this shirt to several of my DDP Yoga classes and I always love the reactions when people start to see the letters appear.  Very very cool and really fun!  I highly recommend these shirts for something fun and different and can’t wait to show mine off at the DDP Yoga retreat this summer in Mexico!

If you want to get one of these killer shirts for yourself - click the picture below & use coupon code: BODYREBOMAR14  for 10% off!  (or CLICK HERE)

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Christina Russell

  • jumanjji

    Hey Christina,

    I saw that you had a Pink heart rate monitor on your video blog posted on the DDP website. I was thinking about just getting the one offered there, but then I realized that it would probably be very bulky and not a color I chose. So here is my question to you: what heart rate monitor did you choose for yourself and why?
    In other words, do you have recommendations on that topic?


    • Christina Russell

      I tried several heart rate monitors before I found one that really works well and I highly recommend the one that I use now - the Polar FT4. (it comes in many colors besides pink) ;) After you enter in your personal stats (age, height, weight, etc) it will display your heart rate during the workout (with or without notification beep of falling outside your zone) and will give you calories burned, time worked out, average heart rate, max heart rate, and time in zone at the conclusion of your workout. It also stores your previous workouts in the watch so you can go back and review at your leisure. I have a link to the amazon page on my sidebar that will take you right to it if you’re interested. I get a lot of questions about it so I figured that would be the best place to display it. Hope this helps! :)

  • jumanjji

    Hi Christina! Thanks for your reply!
    Yes, I was looking at the same one (Polar) you have a link to…but here are my qualms about it : it requires you to wear a chest strap. I find them very annoying ( always have to reposition them) and uncomfortable (especially when we-girls- already have to wear a bra!).
    I was hoping to find another solution ( aka w/o the chest strap) and found this on amazon:
    The ePulse2.
    I have yet to figure out if it offers all the programs you mentioned in your post ( target heart rate etc…), but nonetheless thought I would run it by you to see what you thought.
    Apparently it had a battery longevity issue in its first stages, but it appears of have be solved.
    If you have a moment, would you do me the favor of looking it up and tell me what you think please? My old one died on me, so I don’t have any working HRM at this time and was hoping to order as soon as possible.

    On another note: are you far from Miami? Do you ever give classes here ( Miami area)?

    You are looking great, I hope to soon meet your level of fitness….thanks for your insight!


    • Christina Russell

      I don’t know much about the ePulse2, but it seems like it would be OK. When I first started with DDP yoga I didn’t want a chest strap either and bought another brand (can’t remember off the top of my hand), but it turned out to not be accurate at all. I also have the Polar H7 which is bluetooth - so you do wear the strap - but no watch - it connects to an app on your phone or a fitness machine, such as a treadmill, etc. If you are really against a chest strap and think that the ePulse2 is accurate in calories/heart rate from the reviews written then go for it!

      I am in Coral Springs - about an hour north of Miami. If you’re ever up in this area let me know - I teach in the park on the weekend and in a dojo during the week. :)