Bucket List

Whether you’ve written yours down or you’ve got some ideas rolling around in your head - we all have a bucket list.  A list of things we hope & want to achieve before our number’s up.

One of the most challenging items on my list was to complete a race.  Cardio has never been one of my strong suits so running was pretty much out.  Blame the years of smoking, genetics, or un-coordinated running/breathing techniques - it doesn’t matter - the bottom line was that I believed that running and me were polar opposites.  Actually - one of the main reasons DDP Yoga was so appealing to me was because it claimed to give you a cardio workout without running!  Say no more - I was in!  I’m not sure if I was sold on it when I purchased the program - but it was definitely worth a shot.

Fast forward 10 months and 200+ hours of DDP Yoga later:  

I was at a friend’s birthday bash and one of the girls there mentioned a race coming up.  It was called “The World’s Most Colorful 5K” and it involved music and dye and was geared towards any age and fitness level.  You can run, walk, dance, hop, or skip your way through it - the only thing that matters is that you do it and have fun doing it!  Well, that sounded pretty cool so I went to their site, Run or Dye, and signed up.  The next day I ran the idea by my mom and she decided to sign up too!  The only thing left to do was run!  At this point, I decided not to “train” for the race as I really wanted to see just how well I would do so I continued my daily DDP Yoga and waited impatiently for race day to arrive!

2 months later it was finally race day and we were ecstatic!  We had our running gear on, our dye packs in hand, and our family to support us.  The music was pumping and everyone had smiles from ear to ear.  Even my little boy was getting in on the action!

THOUSANDS of people showed up to enjoy a day of fitness with their family and friends and we took it all in as we waited in the chute for our turn to go.  As we marched up to the starting line - the emcee got the crowd cheering, the music got us pumped up, and we were ready to go in 3…2…1 - GO!  We started off as a herd of cattle but it quickly opened up and we got in our own running groove.  At different points in the race there were “dye stations” where colored cornstarch went flying across us and colored our clothes, our skin, and our hair.  It was so much fun we couldn’t wait to get to the next one!  About half way through the race the sky opened up and we got soaked - but we kept going.  The rain stopped right before we crossed the finish line - just in time for the colorstorm finale!  Everyone crowded near the stage as dye packs were thrown to all and the music filled our souls.  On the count of 3 we all threw our dye packs up into the air and color filled the sky! WE DID IT!!

I didn’t even realize until after the race that my cardio level was AMAZING!  No hard breathing, no dizziness, no cramping - I felt INCREDIBLE!  I credit DDP Yoga - 100%!  My body has changed so much since I started and I would never have been able to cross off running a 5K from my bucket list without it.  If you ever get a chance to experience a fun 5K color run - do it!  It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Want to start your own bucket list?  Check out BucketList.org and leave a comment below to let me know what’s next to cross off on your list!

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Christina Russell