March Madness

Can you believe it’s March already?  So many great things happen this month like Mardi Gras “Show Me Your ______”, St. Patrick’s Day (green tongues rock) and of course, NCAA March Madness (Go Noles)!!  Add them all together and you’ve got this month’s challenge!

Make your friends green with envy when you show off your Awesome Abs in the #MarchMadnessAbs challenge. 

Work out your abs every day this month for just 10 minutes.  I’m going to do DDP Yoga’s Red Hot Core and mix it in with my Awesome Abs workout.  Just choose whatever ab workout you love & get to it!  Connect with me daily on twitter @BodyRebooted and don’t forget to use the #MarchMadnessAbs.  If you’re really brave - take a picture on Day 1 and Day 31 and post your results!! 

PIN the challenge and let’s get Awesome Abs together!


Christina Russell