Albion Fit Winner

There’s a great blog that I follow called FitThisGirl.  Mary is a personal trainer and a figure competitor/coach in MN and she writes a lot of motivational posts and speaks from the heart.  She had a contest not too long ago where you could win an Albion Dewberry Love Racer based on your comments of what you would be doing while your wore it.  Of course my answer was DDPYoga.  :)   Turns out - I WON!  I received my new workout tank in the mail yesterday and decided to give it a whirl while working out to DDPYoga’s Double Black Diamond.

WOW!  This tank is AWESOME!  It has a built in sports bra and is super soft!  It works VERY well for those of us who are a little bustier as it doesn’t have that ‘constricting’ feeling.  The sides are ruched and it’s extra long & lean which is perfect for me.  No ridding up and it’s pretty to look at too!  Ladies - this is a must have in your fitness wardrobe.  Retail cost is $42.  Check it out:


A big thank you to Mary as I am totally loving this tank.  You can check out all of Albion’s great apparel at


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