Operation Healthy: Cheryl Carrion

Each month Body Rebooted is featuring inspirational men and women who have changed their life with the help of DDP YOGA and healthy eating. These are ordinary people just like you and me who made the decision to take back their life. See where they started from and how they got where they are today and let’s celebrate all their hard work!

This month’s featured transformation is Cheryl Carrion! She’s a 36-year-old mother of 2 and this is her story:

Twelve months ago my husband told me that he wanted to buy the DDP Yoga workouts DVD’s set. I’m going to be honest, my first thought was, here we go again, we’re going to buy ANOTHER workout DVD, start a diet and we’re doing this for two weeks tops and then we’re giving up.

Plus, it’s called DDP Yoga, isn’t yoga for skinny flexible people? I weight over 20o pounds and can barely bend over to get the toys out of the floor. I don’t think I’ll be able to do this. Man, I was WRONG!

I had given up, I thought that I was happy with myself and how I looked and felt even when I hated taking pictures. I was lying to myself. And I LOVE food, why give up the comfort that food gives me? Then I realized that I have to do this for my health, I want to live long enough to see our kids grow old. I had terrible back pains, every single night after I was done for the day, I had to lay down on the floor because the pain was so bad that I couldn’t even sit on the couch.

When the DVD’s arrived, I decided to give them a try. VERY skeptic, I asked my hubby to do them first. When I saw how well he did, I said, well, maybe I can do this. And I tried them for the first time and I fell in love with them, almost like magic, my back didn’t hurt as much.

Just a week in I had lost 6 pounds. That’s when I said: “I WILL do this! Even if I don’t lose any more weight I will continue to do these exercises because I don’t have that terrible back pain anymore.” This is the first exercise I have tried that the next day my body didn’t hurt as much and I was able to do them again and again. And one year later, I reached my goal of losing 75 pounds! I went from size 18 to size 4. Just by doing DDP Yoga and changing some eating habits.

I decided to share my story, to show you, that it is possible. I always saw people losing weight and I never thought I could do it because of all my failed attempts. NEVER GIVE UP! Being overweight will lead to health issues. Keep trying, give it your all. If at some point you fail, like I have many times (and still do), keep at it and trust me, you will feel so much better in so many ways. You will not regret it. Thank you DDP for creating such a wonderful workout that changed my life!

WTG Cheryl!!

You have truly turned your life around and OWNED IT! Congratulations and keep up the great work!


If you have any questions about DDP YOGA or nutrition (or if you want to be featured), please don’t hesitate to contact me at christina {at} bodyrebooted [dot] com. I’d love to help you get started on your journey today!





  1. Ah!!!!!! Cheryl! YOU LOOK 10000% fabulous!! And so happy too! :) I am so impressed and thrilled for you!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Eggactly What You’re Looking For: Egg SaladsMy Profile

    Comment by GiGi Eats — 31 March, 2015 @ 8:31 pm

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, You look amazing Cheryl! I’m so proud of you for making your health a priority and being such a big inspiration to so many! You and Rick are genuinely happy and it shows. Congratulations on reaching your goal!

    Comment by Tiffany — 1 April, 2015 @ 9:17 am

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