Tips for Developing Healthy Habits

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Experts say that it takes about 21 days to develop a habit, so for many people, the daily routines that play out each day are often synonymous with their lifestyle habits. 

There isn’t usually a lot of thought that goes into daily living, with hygiene routines, breakfast choices, transportation routes, career activities, and social interactions often born out of necessity and comfort. It’s only when something throws off your habit or routine that you find how much of your life has run on autopilot. When it is time to make a change and develop better routines, you will find that it can be a challenge. Most behaviors stem from deeply held opinions, beliefs, natural responses, or self-preservation tactics. 

If you can assess your lifestyle, you may find that your daily routine could be adjusted to help you stop wasting time and energy on things that don’t really matter.

The Importance of a Daily Routine

The activities that structure your day are simply all of your habits responding to environmental pressures. The way these activities align have the power to enable peak efficiency in your life or present chaos and frustration. 

You can either choose to allow time-saving, energizing routines to guide your day productively, or you can scramble around on inefficient routines that drain you of peace and motivation. By making one change a day that could save you ten minutes, you can get back about  60 hours of time by the end of the year. Imagine what you could accomplish in an entire workweek!

This is the productivity that could get injected back into your life when you make conscious changes to your routine. Even if it is something like ten minutes a day of exercise, think of the benefits to your health. Do something long enough and it will become a habit that you follow through on no matter how you feel. Daily routines are the autopilots of life.

What Kind of Routine Do You Need?

If you want to become the best version of yourself, you need to adopt several healthy habits. You can divide your routines into categories:

  1. A routine for exercise
  2. A routine for nutrition
  3. A routine for a stronger relationship
  4. A routine for a more organized life
  5. A routine for more productive work

Choose one to start with first, and then add another routine as your habits become stronger and more grounded. A good start to a new you includes routines that address energy and health.

Your Morning Routine

Each morning, you should start by drinking a full glass of water. Adding a few slices of leman can be invigorating and refreshing, but you start the day with good hydration that reduces the acidity levels of your body. This can protect you from osteoporosis, fungal infections, and other inflammatory conditions. 

You should also include an early morning workout to your routine. This will improve your circulation, increase your energy levels, and encourage your lymphatic system to operate on full throttle. You can choose to alternate between cardio and weights, but strive to achieve 30 minutes a day of exercise. Check out our newest at-home Barre workout.

You should follow up with a good breakfast. Give yourself the energy and nutrition you need with smart choices that include a mix of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and slow-release carbohydrates. If you like your breakfast on the go, CocoaVia is just one of the choices on the market for supplements that can be added to smoothies or protein shakes for a full nutritional balance.

If you start your morning off right, you have a solid head start on getting the rest of your day under control. Establish a healthy morning routine with hydration, exercise, and good nutrition, then build the rest of your time-conscious and efficient lifestyle from there.

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