9 Delicious Ways to Celebrate Fall

Today is the first day of fall and my favorite time of the year, especially since we’ve moved up to Georgia.

The leaves start changing, the weather cools down and you can find PUMPKIN EVERYTHING in any store you go in.

Cooking is definitely more fun in fall because it’s cool outside and the warmth of the kitchen heats up the house with all sorts of delicious smells! My favorite things to cook are apples and pumpkins because they can work for both sweet & savory dishes.

Of course there’s more to fall then just cooking. We also enjoy family hiking, college football and creating decorations for the season from whatever we can find in our back yard.

Here are 9 fun ways to help you kick off fall this year:

Don’t overpay at your local coffee shop when you can enjoy something much more delicious in your own kitchen. You can easily make a homemade version of spiced pumpkin limited-edition coffee creamers for your morning cup of joe. If you prefer something fancier, google recipes for pumpkin syrup, add espresso and milk and you can enjoy the drink of the season in your own home. Not in the mood for a latte? Try our delicious pumpkin spice smoothie instead.
If you live in an area with orchards nearby, take your family apple picking! You can start a memorable family tradition and you’ll have more than enough apples for eating and pie-making, as well as applesauce and maybe even home-pressed cider. Or use them to make our apple pie smoothie!
Pumpkins aren’t just for pies and jack-o-lanterns. The seeds make a delicious snack once they’re roasted, and it can be a fun project to do with the kids. You can choose between sweet and savory seasonings depending on your taste. Check out our recipe for spiced pumpkin seeds.

No matter what your level of craft ability is, there are countless fall crafts you can make. Paint miniature pumpkins, make a ribbon wreath, arrange a centerpiece or choose another activity that sounds fun to you. The web is full of ideas for fall-themed crafts. You can even invite neighborhood friends over for a crafting party (or a drinking party involving crafts) 😉
Fall means football season and whether you’re a dedicated fan or not, you can at least enjoy the food and fun of a football party. Have friends and family over the watch the game and create a tasty spread of snacks and finger foods. If you prefer, organize a potluck so you don’t have to provide all the food yourself. For a super quick and easy dip try our black bean & corn salsa. 
The family routine changes when the kids go back to school. Take some time every so often to give them a special afternoon snack and the chance to talk about the day. It can be as simple as apples and peanut butter or as decadent as homemade pumpkin cookies, but either way, your kids will enjoy the extra time to chat about the new school year over a delicious treat. Here’s our favorite way to eat apples & peanut butter.

Take your Friday night celebration to the next level and enjoy a fancy homemade cocktail. There are countless options for fall beverages from mulled wine to spiced cider with bourbon to a seasonal craft beer. Cultivate your inner mixologist and enjoy a night in with your spouse or friends. We’re kind of partial to our Blood Orange Mocktail (just add vodka to give it a kick)!
The hectic routine of the school year can lead to a cooking rut or too many nights ordering pizza. Take a few minutes to find some new recipes to try. You don’t have to choose something with hard-to-find ingredients or three pages of instructions. The HamptonCreek company has many recipes for all types of cuisine that use simple, everyday ingredients including their line of healthy, delicious products.
Picnics are traditionally a summer activity, but why not have an end-of-summer celebration meal? Take a drive to see the fall colors or stay in your own backyard. Either way, include some fall foods like apples, a thermos of soup or stew, and pumpkin muffins. And don’t forget a handful of our pumpkin spice ice box cookies!

Fall is a great time to create family traditions, experiment in the kitchen and enjoy all the seasonal produce. Embrace this fall and enjoy anticipating the holiday season!

Have a great fall recipe or idea? Share it in the comments below!


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