Weight Training - Will It Make Women Bulky?

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Women, when it comes to weight training are you worried about getting bulky, looking like a bodybuilder or just looking to masculine?

If so - I’m about to BLOW YOUR MIND with 3 reasons why you SHOULD be using weights in your workouts and at the end I’ll be sharing my #1 workout tip for weight loss! WATCH (or read below).

I just love this saying because that’s exactly how you feel after working out with weights! There’s just something about it that makes you feel strong AF and it’s incredible! So let’s talk about why you should be working out with weights and why it won’t make you bulky.

#1) Working out with weights will help you burn more calories!

It boosts your metabolism and increases your lean body mass so you burn more calories while you’re working out and up to 24 hours after! Why? It takes more energy for your body to maintain muscle than it does fat cells! 

Now, testosterone and human growth hormone are the 2 main hormones that you need to build muscle and men have WAY MORE than women do. About 20% more! 

So it’s science ladies - you biologically can’t build the big muscles like men do so don’t sweat it! (and if you do see some women that have bigger builds they are most likely taking some kind of anabolic androgenic steroids or testosterone so it’s all good.)

#2) Working out will help build stronger bones.

When you lift weights you are using the muscles that pull on the bones and this added stress actually makes the bones stronger. And it doesn’t matter what age you are - if you’re consistent in weight lifting you can prevent bone loss or even reverse it! It’s your best defence against osteoporosis and since that disease affects about 80% women - it’s even more important for us! 

And YES, you may gain weight. In fact, you can probably count on it because muscle is more dense than fat so it takes up less space in your body. SOOO while the number on the scale may stay the same or increase, you will actually be SLIMMER than before and look MORE LEAN & TONE. So think SHAPING YOUR BODY, not making it bigger!

#3) Working out with weights can make you less stressed, happier and feel empowered AF!

Getting stronger is an EMPOWERING experience that helps build confidence and self-esteem. I have never met a woman who didn’t love how her body looked and felt after consistent weight training. 

And ALL exercise reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and helps lessen anxiety and give you those happy hormones!

Here is my #1 workout tip for weight loss:

Cardio is not the magic bullet for weight loss. You will lose more weight and get more health benefits and burn more fat by combining cardio WITH weight training and eating a healthy diet. 

Aim for 4 days of cardio and 3 days of strength training each week to maximize your weight loss!

That’s the winning combo!

Now repeat after me:

I workout because I LOVE my body, not because I hate it. 

How awesome would it be to live in a world where we workout and eat healthy because we LOVE our bodies no matter what phase of our journey we’re in?! 

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