DDPYoga Book Review

Not only has Diamond Dallas Page created an amazing fitness program - he’s also written a book!  Featuring Rob Zombie and Dr. Craig Aaron, aka ‘Yoga Doc’.  Interested in DDP Yoga – click here to purchase today!

Before DDP Yoga, there was YRG (Yoga for Regular Guys).  And before that, was this book, nicknamed the “Old Testament” as it was through this book that DDP’s secret recipe of dynamic resistance, belly breathing, healthy eating, and the importance of heart rate monitors was introduced.  Whether you have just started this program or are a seasoned vet, this book will give you a detailed look into why DDP created it, what’s involved, and the benefits of his entire program.

Let’s start with the why.

In 1998, DDP faced Kevin Nash and the NWO in the ring.  He got picked up and power-bombed him into the mat like so many other matches, only this time - his body jackknifed and he ruptured his L4/L5 disc so badly that he almost lost all of his flexibility in his lower back.  Three different specialists told him his wrestling career was over.   To a wrestler, who’s just started to reach his stride - this was devastating and at this point, he was desperate to find a way back in the ring.  Enter his wife, Kimberly (my favorite part).  After watching his wife come back from a yoga workout drenched in sweat, DDP finally agreed to attempt yoga as she was certain it would help rehabilitate his back. And that was the beginning of what would help DDP not only get his flexibility back, but go on to become a three-time world champion wrestler!

What’s Involved.

We are not talking about the typical, namsate, spiritual yoga here.  DDPYoga is “not your mama’s yoga”.  Instead, it’s a hybrid workout of old-school calisthenics, core stability training, traditional yoga moves, and dynamic resistance.  You can do this workout at any level - beginner to advanced - and make it as easy or as challenging as you want.

The Benefits.

There are 4 major benefits that come with this program.

  1. Kick-ass Cardio - Using your HRM (heart rate monitor), you can keep your heart rate in the target fat-burning zone, practically standing still.  Want proof? Check out this video and watch me raise my heart rate to 140 in less than 2 Diamond Cutters.
  2. Increased Flexibility - Drastically improve your flexibility - check out my before & after pic here in just 90 days.
  3. Increased Strength - Not only will you increase your muscle tone - but your core strength will increase which supports your body, improves your posture and increases your oxygen uptake.  Check out my biceps!
  4. Minimal Impact - This is probably the safest cardio on the planet.  Where else can you get a cardio, strength, and flexibility workout within the confines of a yoga mat? No shin splints, no knee aches, no tennis elbows - but yes, there will be sweat.

All of this is information is coupled with DDP’s philosophy of T&A (tone & attitude).  Along with the fitness aspect also comes living a positive life and eating healthy.  Throughout the book you’ll find additional health tips from Yoga-Doc, a 20, 30, and 45-minute workout, inspiration, and motivation.

I highly recommend this book if you are thinking about starting DDP Yoga or have already started.  For beginners it’s just a great source of information and for seasoned vets it’s a return to the basics with variations, tips, and tricks you may have forgotten.

To get your copy today - click HERE and download the Kindle version for less than your Starbucks Gingerbread Latte & breakfast wrap.

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Christina Russell