Gluten Free Living Conference

Greetings from Orlando, FL!

This week I’m hanging out in O-town attending the Gluten-Free Living Conference and my brain is on information overload!  Even though this is the 1st conference held by them - I have to say that they really did a great job in making the pages of Gluten-Free Living Magazine come alive.  From workshops to showrooms to seminars - this conference covered all the right stuff.  I have learned so much (and still processing the rest) - but I wanted to highlight a few of the brands I enjoyed learning more about and share a few tips & tricks that may make your life a little easier.

from Anna

For the love of bread (and every baking need you could possibly have) comes a line of flour blends that will knock your socks off.  From Anna‘s breads are allergen free and full of nutrition & taste.  I had the chance to sample 6 of their 12 products and they were to die for!  If you are gluten-free, soy-free, rice-free, corn-free, dairy-free, nut-free, yeast-free, and potato-free then look no further - these flours are for you!  As a special bonus - I was given a box of black bean brownie mix to bake & blog about!  I can not wait to show you just how incredible these brownies taste and look.  If you can’t wait for me to make mine - go get your own box now on….you can thank me later! To visit their website click here.

Fresh Face Girl & Red Apple Lipstick

I’m a big fan of lip balms and chap sticks and anything that will keep my lips moist while living in hot & sunny south Florida, but I have yet to find a really great one that is gluten-free.  Little did I know that most of the lip balms on the market contain ingredients that actually chap your lips!  After trying a sample of the lip balm from red apple lipstick I was sold!  My lips were so soft and smooth and it lasted for hours!  Even if you don’t have a problem with dry lips or gluten sensitivities you owe it to yourself to keep your skin free of chemicals, preservatives, and animal products.  If you wouldn’t eat it - don’t put it on your lips!  To learn more about this line of gluten & paraben free products click here.


Tips & Tricks for healthy gluten-free living


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