Top 3 Reasons to Eat Seasonally

Walk into any grocery store today and you’ll be able to get any fresh fruit or vegetable you’d like.

Want tomatoes in December - no problem!  Asparagus in August - OK!

So you might be asking - what’s wrong with that?

Here are the TOP 3 reasons why you should learn to eat seasonally and start today:


Grocery stores will stock up on in-season produce because there’s PLENTY  to go around.  But when it’s off-season it’s a whole other ball game.  Stores won’t be able to buy locally so they’ll need to ship and truck it in from other parts of the world which adds up quick for the stores and gets passed on to the consumer.


Ever wonder why sometimes your strawberries taste AMAZING and other times they don’t have much taste at all?  That has EVERYTHING to do with the season.

During the off-season, produce must be harvested early so that it can be refrigerated, shipped, and warehoused before it goes bad.  In-season produce, on the other hand,  is allowed to ripen fully before it’s harvested and sent to the local stores. This makes a significant difference in the flavor, taste, and texture.  The less the produce is touched and spent being shipped - the fresher it is!


Eating organically all the time can become quite expensive.  Most people pick and choose their organic produce according to the Dirty Dozen/Clean Thirteen or the current price in the market.  BUT, you can also get less pesticides by eating in-season produce.  Because it’s their season to grow - they need less assistance which leads to less pesticides, chemicals and GMOs.

I hope this helps shed some light on why there’s often such a variety in the taste of foods as well as the cost.  In my upcoming ebook I’ll be dedicating a section to seasonal eating and share my favorites fruits & vegetables of each season with you!

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