New Beginnings, Gluten-Free Beer, & 120 Days with DDPYoga!

August 1st has finally arrived!  Today marks day 120 with DDPYoga and the start of my gluten-free lifestyle!  August is also my birthday month…so I know it’s going to be an AWESOME month!  :)

First things first - My check-in stats with DDPYoga.  Here’s where I stand after 120 days:

  • Starting Weight: 210
  • Current Weight: 164  (46 pounds lost!)
  • Starting Waist:  33
  • Current Waist:  27.5     (5.5″ gone!)
  • Starting Hips:  47.5
  • Current Hips:  41          (6.5″ gone!)
  • Starting Chest:  41.25
  • Current Chest:  36        (5.25″ gone!)
  • Starting Thigh:  25
  • Current Thigh:  21        (4″ gone!)

That’s a lot of inches & pounds gone that I don’t ever intend on getting back!  :)   I have also gained massive strength!  The best way I know how to measure that is to put together a video, so I’ll be working on that next week.  Interested in DDP Yoga – click here to purchase today!

I got a bit excited from all the shopping around for gluten-free foods and recipe hunting, so I actually started eating gluten-free yesterday!  The first gluten-free dinner I made was pizza and it turned out awesome!  My 2 year old son ate 2 pieces and asked for a 3rd!  I’ll be posting that recipe soon.  And what goes well with pizza?  You got it!  Gluten-Free Beer!  Check out these brands below and let me know your favorite!


  1. Redbridge by Anheuser-Busch - Red Lager
  2. New Planet Tread Lightly - Blonde Ale
  3. Bard’s Tale Dragon’s Gold - Brown Ale
  4. Dogfish Head Tweason’ Ale - Fruit Beer
  5. Green’s Discovery - English Strong Amber Ale
  6. New Planet Off The Grid Pale Ale - American Pale Ale
  7. Green’s Quest - Belgian Tripel
  8. Brunehaut Ambree - Amber Ale
  9. Green’s Endeavor - Belgian Dubbel
  10. Brunehaut Bio Blonde - Belgian Tripel
  11. St. Peter’s Sorgham Beer - German Pilsner
  12. New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale - Fruit Beer
  13. New Grist Sorghum Beer by Lakefront - Fruit Beer
  14. Daura by Estrella Damm - Lager

For more gluten-free recipes - check out my gluten-free page and my friend Kevin’s blog HERE.  He’s dedicated August as Gluten-Free Awareness Month!