Christina Russell is very passionate about fitness, nutrition, and helping others transform themselves through healthy food choices and exercise habits. - Stacey Morris

  1. Happy Road Trip Giveaway!

    March is National Nutrition Month and with kids’ spring breaks on the horizon, you may be planning a family trip (or looking for ways to keep the kids busy at home!). If travel adventures or at-home bonding is part of your spring break schedule, healthy kid-friendly snacks are a must (or, if you’re staying in a kid-free zone, I’m pretty sure you’ll love these for yourself!).  Eating the right foods... Read More

  2. March Madness

    Can you believe it’s March already?  So many great things happen this month like Mardi Gras “Show Me Your ______”, St. Patrick’s Day (green tongues rock) and of course, NCAA March Madness (Go Noles)!!  Add them all together and you’ve got this month’s challenge! Make your friends green with envy when you show off your Awesome Abs in the #MarchMadnessAbs challenge.  Work out your abs every day this month for... Read More

  3. Buzy Bee Smoothie |

    Buzy Bee Smoothie

    Buzy Bee Smoothie - Mix all ingredients together and enjoy! Serves 1

  4. Cinnful Heart Smoothie

    Cinnful Heart Smoothie - Mix all ingredients together and drink up! Serves 1

  5. Heart of the Tropics Smoothie

    Heart of the Tropics Smoothie - Mix all ingredients together and drink up! Serves 1

  6. Pushup Challenge Update

    Pushup Challenge Update Video

  7. Move. Nourish. Believe. Challenge Recap

    This weekend wraps up the Move. Nourish. Believe. Challenge from and I am so thrilled to have participated in it.

  8. Salba Chia Ambassador

    Today I’m feeling super sexy & smarter than ever because I just became the newest Salba Chia Ambassador!

  9. Goji Berry Blast Smoothie

    Goji Berry Blast Smoothie Mix all ingredients together and drink up! Serves 2

  10. Move. Nourish. Believe: Week 2

    The Move - Nourish - Believe challenge from is all about challenging yourself daily to move your body everyday, nourish your body from the inside out, and believe in yourself to know that ANYTHING is possible if you are willing to work for it.

  11. Exercise with a Bingo Twist

    Looking for a new twist on fitness? Check out these 3 creative ideas using a classic game: Bingo!

  12. Food Fight Week 6

    This week is my last video until week 12!! See which foods I have to cut out from my diet entirely, learn all about this week's superfood and my new smoothie!

  13. Soothing Smoothie

    Soothing Smoothie Mix all ingredients together and serve! Serves 1