Christina Russell is very passionate about fitness, nutrition, and helping others transform themselves through healthy food choices and exercise habits. - Stacey Morris

  1. Manduka Pro Mat Review & Giveaway

    Manduka Pro Mat Giveaway

  2. Super Smoothie Challenge & Giveaway

    I challenge you to create 3 unique smoothie recipes, Iron Chef style!

  3. GFLconference

    Gluten Free Living Conference

    Greetings from Orlando, FL! This week I'm hanging out in O-town attending the Gluten-Free Living Conference and my brain is on information overload!

  4. celebration FI

    Celebration of Life

    Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my journey with DDP Yoga. Read more & watch the video!

  5. Bucket List

    Whether you've written yours down or you've got some ideas rolling around in your head - we all have a bucket list. A list of things we hope & want to achieve before our number's up.

  6. No-Mato Sauce

    For those of you who are unable to eat tomatoes I hope this recipe serves you well. This sauce is delicious and has become a big hit in our more missing out on Lasagna Night! Enjoy!

  7. Food Fight Recap

    My 12 week Food Fight has finally come to an end! Check out the results:

  8. ViewSport - Sweat Activated Apparel Review & Coupon Code

    ViewSPORT sweat activated Apparel Review

  9. Who Keeps You Healthy?

    The American Recall Center is launching a site committed to health & wellness and when asked if I would write about who keeps me healthy I was happy to oblige!

  10. Introducing #LoveNotes

    #LoveNotes movement

  11. J’adore VoxBox Recap

    Ooh la la! sent me an awesome VoxBox full of Valentine's goodies for me and my hubby. From trinkets to little bites of joy to a certain je ne sais quoi - the J'adore VoxBox had us head over heels and whispering sweet nothings to each other! Here is a review of each one of the complimentary products we were given to test out.

  12. Happy Road Trip Giveaway!

    March is National Nutrition Month and with kids’ spring breaks on the horizon, you may be planning a family trip (or looking for ways to keep the kids busy at home!). If travel adventures or at-home bonding is part of your spring break schedule, healthy kid-friendly snacks are a must (or, if you’re staying in a kid-free zone, I’m pretty sure you’ll love these for yourself!).  Eating the right foods... Read More

  13. March Madness

    Can you believe it’s March already?  So many great things happen this month like Mardi Gras “Show Me Your ______”, St. Patrick’s Day (green tongues rock) and of course, NCAA March Madness (Go Noles)!!  Add them all together and you’ve got this month’s challenge! Make your friends green with envy when you show off your Awesome Abs in the #MarchMadnessAbs challenge.  Work out your abs every day this month for... Read More