Extreme Yoga Poses!

I decided to take a look around the Internet to see what kind of funky & cool yoga poses existed. I know I've only been in the yoga world for about 2-3 months now, but I'm ready to work towards something

Weigh Day #15 - I control my actions

Happy Healthy Hump Day!
Today's marks my 15th weigh in  - just one week shy of starting eDiets 4 months ago!  If you saw my video last week, you probably saw that my success with losing weight

I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

What an amazing week this is turning out to be!  I'm feeling great, fitting into clothes I haven't worn in years, and last night I received an email from the founders of Sweat Pink welcoming me to

Yoga for Abs, Arms, & Legs

Yoga Strength Training:  3 moves to help you strengthen and tone your abs, arms, & legs ~ by Pop Sugar Fitness
Dolphin Dive: Here's a variation on plank that will give you a chiseled upper body

Hot off the press!

My first attempt at the DDPYoga workout 'Stand Up!'

Pure core, flexibility, and balance - Check it out: