Ever since my first pregnancy I have wanted to write a cookbook.  A simple, delicious, healthy cookbook with recipes that don’t take forever to make (since the last thing you want to do is stand in a kitchen all night on your swollen feet)!  So, I became a certified nutritionist, enlisted the help of the best chef I know (my mother), and started to write!

After months of  writing and re-writing recipes, we finally made it to the fun part - the photo shoots!  The only problem - you have to cook EVERY single recipe to take a picture of it and let me tell you - it’s NOT easy.  Being on a diet and having to smell the most wonderful food for hours on end is pure torture.  The good news is - I did it!  Day one is complete and I stuck to my eDiets and I feel AWESOME about it!

Bring on Day 2!  :)

photoshoot (4)



  1. Awesome! You go girl! Follow that dream and don’t let up! You will be so happy you decided to pursue it. I’ll want to check out your amazing cookbook when you are done. :)

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