Cookbook in the works!

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I proposed the idea of writing a pregnancy cookbook to my mom.  After all, she is the best chef I know!  :)   I struggled finding a decent cookbook the first time I was expecting as all the so-called pregnancy cookbooks were filled more with standard pregnancy information (which you already get from your doctor) than recipes!  The second time around, I would have to make something myself and so our journey began.  I went back to school and got certified in nutrition and wellness counseling so our recipes could be healthy and delicious!  Of course, a cookbook wouldn’t be complete without a dessert section, so we’ve included a few of our favorites for those days of endless cravings.

After many months of compiling family recipes we are finally to the fun part - the photo shoot!  It’s actually a lot more work than we expected.  Making all the recipes and shooting them is very time-consuming (not to mention…expensive), but we are finally getting to see our hard work come to life.

Today marks day 3 of our photo shoot.  We can’t wait to see the final product and hope that you will stay tuned for it’s release.

In the meantime - you can check out my mom’s food blog ‘Rummaging for Recipeshere.

Check out my video below for my on-the-go breakfast from eDiets this morning!  It made today sooo much easier getting out the door!


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